Program Synopsis:

In terms of how we communicate, the world is growing smaller and smaller. No longer do friends and families wait for Christmas, a funeral or a wedding to see each other, they see each other every day via their electronic devises and and an internet link.

Universities and employers are also using this medium to speed up the "interviewing" process. A German company can interview a prospective employee on Monday in New Zealand via an internet link, and on Tuesday have them on a plane to Frankfurt for the final round of interviews.

More and more auditions for actors, singers, musicians and performers are being done via the internet and Utube is the perfect example of the use of the internet and devises as a major launching pad for new bands and soloists.

Performance Acting for the Camera is not a program that teaches you how to act for television or the movies, but it is the first step in reaching that final goal or in becoming a great presenter or public speaker.




Program Streams


ACT II Acting for the Camera is generally designed to meet the needs of 6 to 8 year olds with an emphasis on having fun while learning basic communication skills. The program is divided into two-week blocks. The first week students cover an element of "how do I present myself" through games and activities. The second week students are filmed in everyday and dramatic situations putting those elements into practice.

There is nothing like seeing yourself on film to appreciate what you need to practice to become a good presenter and communicator. At the end of the program each student will receive a copy of their fimed achievements.




ACT III Acting for the Camera is generally for students aged 9 to 12 years. It is a program that deals with you, the individual, and how you communicate when being filmed.  How do you sound?  Do you speak in a
confident, articulate, expressive manner?  How do you look? Do you have distracting mannerisms that you are not aware of? Are you comfortable “in your own skin”?

ACT III Acting for the Camera is a hands-on project based program with practical outcomes every two weeks. The length of the program will determine the number of elements that are covered, with each element being a stepping-stone towards mastering the art of presenting oneself before the camera in a confident convincing manner.

At the end of the program each student will receive a copy of their fimed achievements.